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Holiday Reception Desk hours

Desk Hours today Sat. 12/20/14 NOW-3:00.  Tomorrow Sun. 12/21/14 12:00-3:00. We may make adjustments to Desk Hours so please check right before coming by.  Click “read more” to view posted hours until 12/24/14. Someone will be covering the desk during the hours we post.  If outside of those hours/days, we strongly encourage you to call… Read More

December 8th, 2014 | News & Updates

Welcome Ed Crowley, L.M.T.

Ed Crowley is a new member to The Massage Therapy Clinic team. He has been studying the body since 2003 in the fields of physical/health education, personal training and body work. He has experience working with professional athletes, injury rehabilitation, and stress management clients. He gained a passion for body work in Sedona Arizona and… Read More

December 8th, 2014 | News & Updates

A Message From Martine

We are proud to have continued to provide exceptional Massage Therapy Services for over 20 years. Our facility encourages relaxation, calmness and stress relief and our treatments focus on restoring your ability to function free of pain and restriction.

We strive to enable our clients to help themselves achieve balance, joy and serenity in their lives along with facilitating healing in times of injury and dysfunction. Restorative therapies, such as massage therapy, produce the best results when the client feels comfortable, peaceful and respected and they have confidence in their practitioner’s knowledge and experience. Our excellent reputation and our commitment to our field is a testament to our dedication to providing exemplary Massage Therapy services to our community.

Thank You and Be Well,

Martine and the Practitioners of the Massage Therapy Clinic