Welcome Justin Perreault L.M.T

Justin has been a student and practitioner of Tuina, Taiji, Qigong, and Martial Arts since 2002. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Charles River Institute for Healing and Inner Arts, in the form of Asian Bodywork Therapy known as Tuina, one of the main branches of TCM. Justin has also taken intensive courses with Bill Helm, Dean of Allied Arts at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego for Tuina treatment of sports injuries, digestive disorders, infertility/menstrual disorders and orthopedic disorders. To round out his skills Justin has taken the Master Cupping course with Bruce Bently and attended The Massage School in Acton to get certification in Western style massage therapy. Justin also has a passion for herbs and makes his own topical creams, ointments, liniments, and poultices using a combination of Eastern and Western herbs for both acute and chronic injuries. Justin is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for his patients. He believes the empowerment of health belongs to the people and strives to help his patients make the connection between their health and how their day-to-day decisions influence their well being.

About TuiNa

Tuina is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, utilizing the same theories as Acupuncture. Hand techniques are used to stimulate and harmonize the Qi energy of the body through massage and manipulation of the energy pathways and their corresponding acupoints. This leads the body into a state of balance and self-healing. Tuina is unique due to its variety of hand techniques, particularly the oscillation methods, designed to relax the soft tissue, increase circulation, decrease pain and spasm, and realign the musculo-skeletal system. These techniques range from energy healing, subtle pressure, to deeper, more vigorous massage. Treatment methods vary according to each individuals complaints. Cupping is often employed in Tuina sessions to aid in healing and recovery of injuries. Loose comfortable clothing is generally worn through out the session.