Fall Acupuncture Special

The leaves have mostly fallen now, and Fall is nearly half over. I can hardly believe it!

In Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, the season that corresponds to Fall is Metal, which is the element of the Lung, whose climate quality is “dryness.” Lung’s sense organ is the “nose”, and its tissue quality is “skin”. The Lung is responsible for our exterior – our skin and our “wei qi” (our defensive qi – or energy) and it surrounds the body’s exterior as our first line of defense against pathogenic invaders. It’s kind of like our own personal castle wall and moat.

So what starts to happen? Things start getting dryer, like our skin, and like our lungs and mucous membranes, which may manifest as a dry cough. Dry mucous membranes are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses, so our noses start to get runny.

We start being more susceptible to cold winds giving us a chill on the back of our necks.  Some of us are getting colds or even the flu. (Wear a scarf!! Your grandmother was right!)

This is normal for this time of year unless your immune system is very strong. In order to strengthen it you have to look at what’s necessary in terms of balancing out the flow of qi through your organ systems/meridians.

To switch to a more Western medical point of view, we need to look at how our immune system is being strained with this season.

In general, there are 5 things that seriously beat the heck out of our immune systems:
they are 1. Sugar   2. Stress  3. Lack of Sleep  4.  Lack of  Vitamin D and 5. Processed Food.

Most, if not all, of these are a huge problem for many of us starting with Halloween and on through New Years. Wouldn’t you agree?

Is it any wonder they call it “Cold and Flu Season?”

Regular acupuncture has been shown to help boost the immune system. I have seen this first hand with my patients many times. I highly recommend gifting yourself with our Immune Boost/Stress Reduction special. Come to see me once a week for 3 weeks (or 6 weeks if you want to go for a second package of 3) and let acupuncture help you stay healthier this Holiday Season.